Snow markers

Coroplast snow markers 4'' x 48'' slice at center for a final format of 4'' x 48''. Silkscreen printing one or two color. Ultra resistant and will last a long time. Identify your company with our snow markers. Strong sewing on one side to hold into your fiberglass or metal rods.

Délai de production | impression: 10 to 12 open days
Délai de livraison: 1 to 2 days

8'' x 48''250$ 850.00
500$ 1,450.00
1000$ 2,750.00
2000$ 3,450.00
3000$ 7,450.00
4000$ 9,950.00
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Choose between one or two color silkscreen printing.

Click if you need the fiberglass rod with your snowmarkers

Choisir cette option pour avoir un rond de 3'' de diamètre autocollant appliquer sur le haut de la balise.

Total$ 850.00